If you are a coach looking to attract more clients,
you are in good hands.
Frank Macri, Founder of Thriving Coach Academy
As a coach myself, I thought once I got my certification, people would hire me.

I prayed clients would find me, but my bank account continued to collect to dust. I scrambled to promote my coaching business. I did what I thought entrepreneurs were "supposed" to do.

Here's what I did that NEVER led to single paying client:
  • Business Cards: I handed out hundreds of cards. At one point that, I would slide my business cards into self-help books at the library. Nothing worked.
  • Flashy Website: My sites took hours to create, but no one visited it. 
  • Posting On Social Media: I posted selfies and inspirational quotes, but the "likes" never translated to clients.
  • Networking Events: When I told people I was a coach, they would say, "Coach for what sport?" It was exhausting explaining what coaching all the time.

I was confused and frustrated. But, I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of having a REAL, thriving business.

I knew I was meant to be a coach, but I felt crushed knowing I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s purpose.
Watch below to see exactly how I made my first $100k as a coach.
As your guide arrives, READ THIS post about how I went from BROKE with no clients to my first $100k as a new coach....
The Client Magnet Masterclass will give you everything you need to have a thriving coaching practice.
This is a digital program with one year of group coaching that takes all I know after spending years growing my coaching practice past the six-figure mark year after year (in various niches).

It is 100% possible to be successful business owner and have integrity. We would love to show you how.

Here's what you get on the inside...
The program begins the moment you enroll.
You'll also get our Client Magnet Playbook. This includes proven templates you can use right away to grow your business.
You get immediate and lifetime access to trainings that teach you exactly how to avoid the biggest mistakes that keep gifted coaches broke.
  • Lesson 1: How To Be An Entrepreneur
  • Lesson 2: How To Choose (Or NOT Choose) A Coaching Niche
  • ​Lesson 3: How To Package & Price Your Coaching
  • ​Lesson 4: How To Find Clients (Without Paying For Ads)
  • ​Lesson 5: How To Deliver The Perfect Consultation
  • ​Lesson 6: How To Talk Money With Potential Clients
  • ​Lesson 7: How To Get Raving Client Success Stories
What Our Coaches Are Saying...

Rick (Life Purpose Coach For Men)

Mylene (Executive Coach)

Cindy (Part-Time Life Coach)

Loretta (Part-Time Life Coach)

Stacy (Leadership & Executive Coach)

Poonam (Fertility Coach)

Makayla & Tyler (Fitness Coaches)

Mariah (Career Coach)

Elizabeth (Career Transition Coach)

Ayana (Mom & Self-Care Coach)

Ayana (Expat Coach)

Also Included: Training On How To Create A Powerful Webinar To Enroll Clients On The Spot
You'll learn how to create a signature webinar that will inspire potential clients to hire you on the spot.

You even get a Done-For-You Webinar Guide that you can customize and have a complete webinar ready-to-go in as quickly as one week.
An Entire Year Of "Client Magnet Coaching"
If you have any questions or desire specialized support, you have access to one year of "Client Magnet" coaching calls.

Frank will give you his expert recommendations and help you with tech challenges, your niche, your webinar, and any limiting beliefs holding you back. No question is too big or small.

Calls are held on Wednesdays. All calls are recorded for you to review.
What else is taught on the inside?
 "I just signed my first paying client (with $850) as a result of using your Complimentary Consult training. I printed out the contract to prove it!" - Lesley M.

"I made $2k within the first week in the program! The templates helped so much during my consultations with potential clients. One client didn’t even let me finish the call because she was ready to pay in full for my program." - Mariah B.

(Update: Mariah went on to create a full-time coaching business.)

"Before, I struggled feeling comfortable in a niche that fit. While working with Frank, I honed in on who I really wanted to serve and and how best to reach those folks. I quickly made over $6300 from and moved into my own office space. Now, I feel confident knowing I will have a successful coaching practice." - Samantha S.
How to have the mindset necessary to show up as a confident business owner

How to attract clients WITHOUT a niche

How to get crystal clear about who you work and have a niche you love

How to describe your services in a way that clients find irresistible

How to create a simple sales funnel that make it easy for clients to hire you

How to create irresistible programs that will allow you to support more people and make more money in less time

The exact strategies Frank has used to organically attract clients online (without needing to pay for any advertising)

The “10 Magical Questions” that you MUST ask in any consultation that will inspire potential clients to work with you

What to say when potential client has concerns about hiring you so that you can transform an “I can’t afford it” to a "YES!" without being manipulative or weird

How to ensure from the start that your clients are satisfied from your products and services and learn how to get jaw-dropping testimonials

(NEW) How to launch and monetize your own podcast from scratch

"I didn’t have a clue how to speak to potential clients. I felt intimidated at the thought of a sales conversation. After joining CMM, I learned how to confidently talk about what I do in a way that makes people want to know more.  I signed made $825 within a couple weeks of starting the program! I have since increased my rates. This program expedited the process of building my business." - Kate B.
Limited Time Bonus:
1 Ticket To The Speak More Make More Summit
You'll also get a ticket to the Speak More Make More Summit. ($500 value)

The Summit is a two-day virtual event where you learn how to become a transformational storyteller and learn the secret to selling high-ticket coaching programs for $5k+.
Over 90% of Summit graduates begin charging more immediately after the Summit!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you fully work the program and aren't satisfied, we will refund you. That's how confident we are that you will love this program.

This program was created in 2017 and has been completely upgraded this year to adapt to the changes of the coaching industry.

We take your investment seriously and have full certainty you will be blown away at how much we overdeliver.

We truly believe this is the best business program for coaches available and would love to have you join.
This Program Is Perfect For You If...
"After starting my coach training, I knew I wanted to become a successful coach… only I was terrified at the though of reaching out to people about my work. I had to get out of my own way, and that's where CMM came in. Since joining, I had a client sign up for an $800+ package, and I haven’t even received my training certificate yet." - Claire B.
  • You are a coach or entrepreneur looking to attract more clients to your business with ease
  • You are just getting started and want to learn a proven system that works (even if you have zero experience)
  • You want to create a signature webinar that you can consistently use to grow your business
  • You want to spend less time marketing and more time serving your ideal clients on a deep level 
  • You are open to mentorship and understand the importance of investing in your business
  • ​You want to generate income while keeping your integrity (instead of using manipulative marketing tactics)
  • You are NOT looking a get-rich-quick scheme but want something that will provide you with sustainable success
  • You want to get direct support and have the encouragement of an intimate, friendly group
One Final Thought For The Coaches Here...
I know how easy it is to feel unqualified to be a coach. But the truth is... there are people right now who need your coaching. 

If they don't get it from you, they will find some other coach or professional and pay lots of money to get it. And if you are on the fence thinking “I don’t know if I’ll succeed. I’m not sure I'm ready. I’m not that great of a coach...”

When I first started coaching, I was so anxious. And my life wasn't perfect. And although I didn't have it all together, people still hired me and received SO MUCH VALUE.

So if you don’t believe in yourself, I invite you to borrow my belief in you. There’s a reason you’re here.

You are here to make a difference. Your clients are waiting for you. I hope to see you in the program.

"Before, I struggled explaining the value of coaching to my potential clients. I went back and forth over this the entire time I was in my coaching school. The Client Magnet Masterclass gave me the guidance I needed to identify my niche and speak confidently about the value of my coaching. I got my first paying client! Now, I have the tools and confidence I need to invite my ideal clients to work with me." - Chasity W.
"Before working with Frank, I struggled with knowing how to start my business and felt overwhelmed about where to begin. I had a lot of enthusiasm, but lacked the tools to be effective. Now, I have paying clients and two workshops scheduled! It feels amazing knowing I can grow my business in a way that is authentic to me. I am now confident in knowing I can truly grow a business I love!" - Diana A.
Let's do this! Join the Client Magnet Masterclass!
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